Friday, January 20

The Team and Details

Today I met with my team- two other girls, Emily and Stephanie, as well as the couple that runs the camp that I'll be working at. Today was extremely informative. I found out that cold weather is a stereotype, and that the weather will be mid-80's, and 94 is considered ridiculous heat, but it could happen. I found out that I will have at least 24 hours in London going there and coming back because of the way flights are being connected because of Olympic and Soccer tournament traffic. I found out that I will have a couple days to go to Poland, a trip that is inexpensive (around $300 for three days), but completely worth it in Andrew and Jenny's opinions. I found out that internet is extremely limited. I'll have to pay for my own time, and will have time to get on maybe once a week. A cell phone will be provided while I'm there, but I also have to pay for my own minutes, although incoming calls are free to me. I can recieve mail while I'm there, but packages will never get to me, although a letter will take about 1.5 to 2 weeks. He suggested that if someone wants to write us many letters that they write them beforehand, and bundle them with instructions when to read each one- it's something that many people have done in the past.

All in all, the meeting made me so extremely excited. There will be groups of people from other countries (US, Holland, Australia) that will come to be the camp counselors, and the three of us (Emily, Stephanie, and I), will be more like moderators, creating activities, making sure we're stocked on supplies, etc. By the last week Andrew (the man that runs the camp), said that he wants us to be doing it on our own. We will have two weeks of kids referred to the program by social workers, followed by two weeks of kids that belong to diplomats and missionaries (American kids), then another two weeks of social services kids. Andrew also said he wants us to fly out no later than May 25th, and because he's a travel agent, he can lock-in our prices in the next week or two, and that we can fly together. I'll return around August 5th.

I started the class that is connected to this trip, provided by ACU, and I'm definitely excited about it. It is an educational class, but we will also be doing things like DiSC (a personality assessment), as well as crash course in culture and language for our projected countries. Larry Henderson and Gary Green are running the class, and I'm definitely looking forward to learning from all their missions experiences and great vaults of wisdom.